Sonia Rebecca Kusiima

Stepping Stones Trainer

Sonia is a Psychologist, with eight years’ working experience in designing, development, management and implementation of programs on prevention and response to Violence Against Women and Girls; protection-related programming in humanitarian and multicultural settings. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills in providing Violence Against Women and Girls prevention and response, child protection and psychosocial services, and information related to reproductive health rights, with strengths in capacity building on the same.

She is especially passionate about social norms changes, especially when it comes to bridging generational gaps in communicating and discussing topics that are considered complex.

Her career objective is to create opportunities for people to access information and skills to lead a better life, by involving them in their own solution -focused decision-making initiatives. Sonia also believes in a world where there is equality, equity and social justice.

 Stepping Stones really tries to support children and adults alike to focus on solutions and how to reach them, instead of problems and how to solve them (for example, through appreciative inquiry, which helps to identify the strengths within us and build on those).