Our Programme

We are a women-led, gender-focused, community-based platform of accredited female and male trainers. We are a team of communication experts with deep experience of implementing gendered social norms change initiatives over two decades.

Our focus is to support marginalized people in society to feel empowered to make informed decisions around their health and general wellbeing.

We contribute to improving the lives of the most marginalized communities in society through community-based participatory training processes. These processes enable them to identify the factors that affect them; and to create for themselves the possibilities of responding collectively to them.

We have a long-accredited track record in using participatory methodologies, such as Stepping Stones, to address and overcome the factors that foster violence among men and perpetuate violence against women and girls.

Factors include lack of peace and prosperity, limited access to treatment and care for sexual and reproductive health services for women and girls, gender norms that foster imbalances of power and agency among women and men, early child marriages, HIV-related stigma, discrimination, poverty and other related structural drivers.

Through gender-transformative ‘social norms change’ processes, our work supports community members to develop mutual care, respect and support across the genders and generations, in their life-long journeys to uphold the safety, health and well-being of them all.